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1 4500 go get some pie DR2k2 07:20:37 19/11/17 Permanent DR2k2 07:20:44 19/11/17
2 trolling, refusing to obey staff, swearing at staff, calling staff names, and not following server rules DR2k2 07:25:04 19/11/17 Permanent Console 04:52:19 20/11/17

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1 Bad-talking about the owner is unwise. I spent over an hour telling you what to do and you failed. That is the only BS I saw !! Console 03:51:38 11/11/17
2 Pro_Killeur33: I need ur ip tho to ddos you ??? Do not threaten to DDOS other players !!! Console 03:55:10 11/11/17
3 Do not spam foreign languages in CHAT !! Console 03:56:14 11/11/17

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